After the important EU research project (REnnovates), the KEO GmbH is now also  part of the innovative research projects 3Connect and Lila. KEO is responsible for the the intelligent and interoperable connections  in the respective projects.


In 3Connect,  interoperable and overarching electromobility applications for commercial use are developedand placed in a large field trial. The interoperable EEBus standard, integrated by KEO has a crucial role and enables the smart networking of thedevices. Within three hubs (Aachen, Allgäu and Osnabrück), the decentralized actors of the electricity grid are aggregated through an energy management system to create new and smart potentials. This potentials will be used by the  fleets of municipal utilities, a bus depot and a smart farm. This process optimizes the overall system.


The Living Lab Walldorf or short “LiLa” is a test in practice in which households and businesses are networked within an a intelligent energy system. Thanks to the optimization of the interoperable network of distributed energy systems such as heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, cogeneration and power storage, this is possible in the first place. Self-learning intelligent energy management is the basis for the efficient exchange of electricity within the community of electricity producers and consumers. The interoperable and intelligent EEBus connectivity KEO makes it possible to collect the potentials of all the relevant devices in houses and to make it available to the decentralized network.

The ongoing EU-project REnnovates is an extension of the Dutch innovation program ‘de Stroomversnelling’. Within this project 200 existing Dutch houses will be renovated to zero energy houses and the results and findings will be transferred to a numerous houses in Spain and Poland.

KEO integrates the EEBus standard into the  technical infrastructure such as heat pump, inverter, ventilation etc. This makes sure that the intelligent communication works successfully despite of different device manufacturers and brands. This connectivity makes effective energy management possible.