mwcOn this years  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the EEBus Initiative and the newly formed Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) demonstrates with real devices how the EEBus data model and the OCF connectivity framework enable the interoperability for the Internet of Things (IoT). OCF was formed out of the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) with members like Samsung, GE and Intel, and the companies Microsoft, Qualcomm and Electrolux.

EEBus and OCF create convergence for the market and complement each other perfectly. The KEO GmbH as the specialist for the EEBus integration supported this with its know-how in Barcelona and enabled the interoperability on the EEBus site. 3F902D0A-FD96-4DA0-A6CF-1C22A79B844B

The use case presented at the OCF booth (IoT Pavilion 8.0C35.) featured a Wolf boiler using the smart connection over an Intel Gateway to a Honeywell thermostat, to adapt to the user’s heating preferences. This of course is just one fragment of that what will be feasible within the EEBus-OCF cooperation in the future.