Dr. Beate Mand (COO of VDE) and Peter Kellendonk (CEO of KEO)The EEBus specialists of KEO GmbH and the experts of the VDE Institute develop the Test Suite 2.0, a testing method to check the data exchange between different components and systems in the smart home. With the Test Suite 2.0, based on the data model EEBus SPINE (Smart Premises Interoperable Neutral-Message Exchange), it is possible to test the interoperability of smart home products from different manufacturers. Thus the consumer can be sure when buying VDE-certified EEBus smart home products, that they are compliant with the current EEBus specification.

“With our test procedure, we also help manufacturers ensure interoperability and data security of any system for intelligent home networking.” says Wolfgang Niedziella, Managing Director of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.


At this year’s IFA in Berlin KEO and the VDE demonstrated the interoperability with EEBus series devices from SMA, BSH, Schneider Electric and Miele. In addition, the devices are respectively connected to the Test Suite 2.0 and tested for compliance with the current EEBus specification.

“In the Zoo of the different standards of the IoT (internet of things) certified devices build customer confidence and security. The EEBus is the common language of the smart home. The Test Suite 2.0, which uses a KEO Stack, delivers certified interoperability for EEBus devices. Certifications ensure confidence worldwide, “said Marc Eulen Junior Executive Manager of KEO GmbH. “We are pleased to demonstrate the interoperability tests with various EEBus series devices from different manufacturers at this year’s IFA.”