About us

The KEO GmbH with its headquarters in Cologne, Germany was founded by Peter Kellendonk and is part of the Kellendonk group. KEO is market leader in the field of EEBus implementations and the corresponding stacks which are distributed on a royalty basis.
KEO delivers innovative software solutions for a secure networked Internet of Things based on the EEBus to a wide range of customers from various sectors. With our experts for embedded connectivity in the context of the IoT, we are developing the visions of our customers and be their professional partner for everything concerning the EEBus since our founding in 2012.


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Our experts have not only participated in the development of the EEBus from the very first hour and have accompanied it all the way since then, but also worked for the EEBus Initiative e.V. on all EEBus Plugfests so far. In addition they worked in various international research projects that feature the EEBus (REnnovates – Horizon 2020 etc.). Our current customer portfolio comprises the market leaders and innovation drivers of the IoT, which range from device manufacturers to platform and service providers.

With our experts, covering every aspect on the EEBus of the business and technical site, we are able to deliver you professional consultant services and lead your business model to success in the IoT.

So far the history of the EEBus has demonstrated that the KEO GmbH has more experience and competencies regarding the EEBus and its implementation, than any other company can account for.


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It does not matter if you are a device manufacturer, who would like to connect your devices through EEBus with the IoT or if you are a service/platform provider, who wants to use the sector and technology neutral EEBus to access the billions of devices in the IoT, KEO is the right partner for your EEBus IoT project. With our EEBus based software solutions, we strive to make the smart connectivity of the future something our clients can already experience today on an everyday basis.