Dr. Beate Mand (COO of VDE) and Peter Kellendonk (CEO of KEO)The EEBus specialists of KEO GmbH and the experts of the VDE Institute develop the Test Suite 2.0, a testing method to check the data exchange between different components and systems in the smart home. With the Test Suite 2.0, based on the data model EEBus SPINE (Smart Premises Interoperable Neutral-Message Exchange), it is possible to test the interoperability of smart home products from different manufacturers. Thus the consumer can be sure when buying VDE-certified EEBus smart home products, that they are compliant with the current EEBus specification.

“With our test procedure, we also help manufacturers ensure interoperability and data security of any system for intelligent home networking.” says Wolfgang Niedziella, Managing Director of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.


At this year’s IFA in Berlin KEO and the VDE demonstrated the interoperability with EEBus series devices from SMA, BSH, Schneider Electric and Miele. In addition, the devices are respectively connected to the Test Suite 2.0 and tested for compliance with the current EEBus specification.

“In the Zoo of the different standards of the IoT (internet of things) certified devices build customer confidence and security. The EEBus is the common language of the smart home. The Test Suite 2.0, which uses a KEO Stack, delivers certified interoperability for EEBus devices. Certifications ensure confidence worldwide, “said Marc Eulen Junior Executive Manager of KEO GmbH. “We are pleased to demonstrate the interoperability tests with various EEBus series devices from different manufacturers at this year’s IFA.”

mwcOn this years  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the EEBus Initiative and the newly formed Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) demonstrates with real devices how the EEBus data model and the OCF connectivity framework enable the interoperability for the Internet of Things (IoT). OCF was formed out of the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) with members like Samsung, GE and Intel, and the companies Microsoft, Qualcomm and Electrolux.

EEBus and OCF create convergence for the market and complement each other perfectly. The KEO GmbH as the specialist for the EEBus integration supported this with its know-how in Barcelona and enabled the interoperability on the EEBus site. 3F902D0A-FD96-4DA0-A6CF-1C22A79B844B

The use case presented at the OCF booth (IoT Pavilion 8.0C35.) featured a Wolf boiler using the smart connection over an Intel Gateway to a Honeywell thermostat, to adapt to the user’s heating preferences. This of course is just one fragment of that what will be feasible within the EEBus-OCF cooperation in the future.

After the important EU research project (REnnovates), the KEO GmbH is now also  part of the innovative research projects 3Connect and Lila. KEO is responsible for the the intelligent and interoperable connections  in the respective projects.


In 3Connect,  interoperable and overarching electromobility applications for commercial use are developedand placed in a large field trial. The interoperable EEBus standard, integrated by KEO has a crucial role and enables the smart networking of thedevices. Within three hubs (Aachen, Allgäu and Osnabrück), the decentralized actors of the electricity grid are aggregated through an energy management system to create new and smart potentials. This potentials will be used by the  fleets of municipal utilities, a bus depot and a smart farm. This process optimizes the overall system.


The Living Lab Walldorf or short “LiLa” is a test in practice in which households and businesses are networked within an a intelligent energy system. Thanks to the optimization of the interoperable network of distributed energy systems such as heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, cogeneration and power storage, this is possible in the first place. Self-learning intelligent energy management is the basis for the efficient exchange of electricity within the community of electricity producers and consumers. The interoperable and intelligent EEBus connectivity KEO makes it possible to collect the potentials of all the relevant devices in houses and to make it available to the decentralized network.

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KEO integrated the EEBus in product developments of the third EEBus Plugfest.

E-EBUS_FINALAs participants of the third EEBus Plugfest, AlphaEOS, Bosch, Miele, Schneider Electric, Telekom, Vaillant, VDE, Viessmann and Wolf demonstrated the interoperability of the EEBus. The event focused on the HVAC (Heating-Ventillation-Air Conditioning) industry and showed how the EEBus could works  in this important sector and is yet implemented today in the serial products of tomorrow. After the leading companies of the HVAC sector, like  Bosch, Danfoss, Viessmann, Vaillant and Wolf joined the EEBus initiative and created the standard actively, it was only a matter of time, till KEO started the integration for its customers, in this important sector.

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On this year’s IFA the EEBus Initiative e.V. demonstrates on the booth of the leading service provider Worldline (booth 17 hall 11.1) how the future of interoperable services of the IoT will look from now on.

IMG_2503A first glance at the sector- and technology-neutral services featuring the EEBus as a common language that service providers are planning to bring to market in the near future will be demonstrated. This milestone for the IoT will put service providers in a position to offer device-independent technology for the domain of business interest (HVAC/Smart Home/Smart Grid/E-Mobility etc. The EEBus works as a common language for the IoT across the different domains and technologies (IP, KNX, Zigbee, etc.). The demonstrator depicts how the future for service provider in the IoT will look like: A Kostal inverter and Wolf therme connected with a devolo Home Control gateway to the Worldline cloud- all based on communication via EEBus and technology and sector neutral. “By connecting the technology-neutral and sector-crossing EEBus world to its Worldline Connected Living Platform, Worldline enables access to millions of connected devices”, said François Gatineau, Worldline Director Connected Living Business Division.

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Kellendonk-Group founder Peter Kellendonk awards for the EEBus Initiative e.V in partnership with Atos winner of the Atos-IT Challenge 2015 for innovative conzepts in die field of connected living.

d51a4762During the award ceremony in Paris, Peter Kellendonk who was part of the jury reperesenting the EEBus handed out the awards with Patrick Adiba (Atos Group Executive Vice President Chief Commercial Officer- Olympics & Major Events) and gave a quick talk about the EEbus and its advantages, to the audiance. The EEBus Initiative and Atos teamed up for this year’s edition of the Atos IT Challenge to search and promote tomorrow’s IT specialists that have brilliant ideas for a concept about ways to enhance people’s lives and provide value added services through connected living.

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“SHIP ready to go” & new e-mobility working group demonstrate the continuous progress of the EEBus ..Initiative e.V.

rtemagicc_plugfest_2_2_02jpgOn 07.07.2015 the 2. EEBus Plugfest with the motto “SHIP Ready to go” and the kickoff workshop for the EEBus e-mobility working group took place in the headquarters of TÜV Rheinland in Cologne. On this 2.Plugfest the KEO GmbH demonstrated, like on the 1.Plugfest in march, that they are a competend partner for EEBus implementations.

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With the study “Die neue Stromwelt” ( German for: The new energy-world) the change to 100% renewable energy seems to be within reach for Germany.

pk-fazThe founder of the Kellendonk-Group was invited as a speaker for the German Bundestag to talk about the new study “Die neue Stromwelt”.
In the study “Die neue Stromwelt” (German for: The new energy-world), presented to the Bundestag by Bündnis90/ Die Grünen, a clear path is described to reach 100% renewable energy coverage for the German energy demand within 20 years.

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Speaker on the topic: Internet of Things

Peter Kellendonkf you are on the CeBIT 2015 come and visit hall 13 booth B41 on March 17th. From 03.40pm on the founder of the Kellendonk-Group, Peter Kellendonk will be a CeBIT speaker on the topic: The progress and partnerships of smart home platforms, standards and alliances in the field of the IoT.