The Power of Connectivity.

The world of energy is speaking EEBUS.

The world of energy is speaking EEBUS.

The global standard is giving devices a common language.

To improve the prospects of success for the Internet of Things and to exploit its potential for increasing energy efficiency, more than 60 leading international companies and industry associations have partnered up in the EEBus initiative. Together, they have created a common global language for devices in which they can exchange information regarding energy and functions.

One language, many advantages.

  • Global standard across different domains such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, e-mobility, renewable energy and energy storage
  • Convergence of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, eMobility, renewable energy and energy storage
  • Democratic cooperation for a global standard which is owned by a non-profit organisation
  • Open standard which can be freely used by all companies – also outside of the initiative
  • Solution based on specific market needs and use cases
  • Full sovereignty over device data and functionality for every company
  • Manufacturer-independent and technology-neutral standard making it maximally future-proof
  • Reduced complexity through standardised access to the major major international eco systems and alliances
  • Best-possible connectivity by using only tried-and-tested IP technologies
  • Encryption complying with the latest standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
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Partnering up with other companies is key to making the global IoT a success. And to saving the global climate.

The vision of EEBUS.

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