The Power of Connectivity.

Our know-how links devices and the IoT.

Our know-how links devices and Energy Management.

KEO is at home at the intersections of devices and Energy Management.

Every market follows its own rules. Knowing them is essential for the successful development of new solutions. In the case of connective devices, this actually means that a deep understanding of two markets is required: KEO offers a unique combination of know-how that covers EEBUS software and the Internet of Things as well as the devices industry.

More than two decades of experience with devices.

KEO is a spin-off of the Kellendonk Group, which has developed and produced hardware and software for mass market devices for more than two decades – especially for heating, for white goods, for home and industry automation. This heritage is still characterising the thinking of our experts today. The development of high-quality devices for long-term use is in our DNA. Therefore, our customers can rely on a thorough understanding of the way devices – and the markets for devices – work.

We speak EEBUS fluently. From the very start.

We know EEBUS, the global language for energy in the IoT, better than anyone. Our experts have participated in the development of EEBUS from the very first hour and have been a driving force in making it the leading standard for energy in the global IoT. The technical development of the standard and all plugfests of EEBUS so far have been accompanied by KEO developers. This outstanding experience and know-how makes KEO the market leader in the field of EEBUS implementation and the corresponding EEBUS software stacks.

The partner for companies who are leading. Today and in the future.

Our customers are among the shaping forces in the Internet of Things – as market leaders or game changers. Our broadly diversified experience makes us a very interesting partner for a multitude of companies from various sectors. The spectrum of our customers reaches from automotive over appliances and heating to the energy sector. The large number and variety of our partners is resulting in a very comprehensive cross-industry network which is probably one of the best available in the IoT sector.

Success Story: Cooperation between the BAM Group and KEO.

  • Royal BAM Group works on developing a scalable and mass-market applicable approach to retrofitting buildings to zero-net-energy (the BAM Stroomversnelling concept) and smart neighborhoods (REnnovates).
  • A successful business case requires industrial and replicable solutions, including Plug&Play- ready device communication and standardized use cases for energy management – independent from underlying device manufacturers or gateway software.
  • To realize this BAM looked for the best available software solutions: For device connectivity this is the KEO EEBUS stack.
Dennis Van Goch

„The EEBUS solution from KEO GmbH solves the major challenge integration of devices into compact modules and systems creates: development of device and manufacturer specific solutions. Once the energy management is set up with EEBUS data models and Use Cases, can system components be exchanged without expensive and complicated re-integration efforts. „ – Dennis van Goch, Innovator at BAM

BAM Logo

Royal BAM Group nv. is a successful European construction group and uniting operating companies in five home markets with the administrative centre in the Netherlands and listed at Euronext Amsterdam. With an annual revenue of nearly 7 billion € (2016) is BAM active in the sectors construction and mechanical and electrical services, civil engineering, property and public private partnerships.

The REnnovates project is co-funded by the European Commission in the H2020 Programme and it is aimed to improve energy efficiency of the older building stock and to explore ways to make investment in renovations more viable. The scope covers deep renovation of houses towards net-zero-energy and integration into smart neighborhoods. The project is realized by a consortium of nine European companies, including KEO GmbH and the project coordinator Royal BAM Group nv. The BAM motivator in REnnovates is to develop a scalable and mass-market replicable approach to retrofitting buildings.

The REnnovates concept includes realizing new housing insulation, smart energy controls and software, and integration of all energy related elements into one energy module (HVAC, heat pump, domestic water heating, water storage, PV converter and energy storage). In REnnovates is KEO responsible for device connectivity and networking, chosen by BAM to bring market-leading EEBUS knowhow to the project.

Successful EEBUS integration with the KEO software has already enabled the realization of use cases for energy flexibility and housing zero-net-energy for 240 houses in the Netherlands pilot area. The KEO solution is expandable and in the future can new energy management use cases and devices be easily integrated into the system. As a result of the value proved by EEBUS in REnnovates decided BAM to become a member of the EEBus Initiative in 2017. Consequently, KEO and BAM will continue looking for new cooperation opportunities in the future.

Establishing new standards in energy efficiency.

The contribution of smart and connected devices to saving the global climate is the subject of various research activities. KEO is working at the forefront of the technological development. Our experts and our framework are consulted by the leading standardisation organisations and are playing a key role in several of the major European research projects:

  • In “Horizon 2020”, the biggest EU subsidy programme for research and technological development, KEO is responsible for the energy networking in the sub-project “REnnovates”.
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  • In the research project “3Connect” which is focused on energy management and e-mobility and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, KEO is responsible for all connectivity issues between e-mobiles and smart homes/premises.
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