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Here you can download the KEO Simple SHIP Connector.

The Evaluation Kit of KEO – our Simple SHIP Connector – allows for an easy evaluate of the EEBus-SPINE communication. With or without existing EEBUS devices.

It provides a socket with which the SPINE datagrams can be sent and received. The messages can be formulated either in XML or in JSON – automatic conversion is supported. The built-in SHIP stack takes over the EEBUS based connection transparently on the SHIP level.

The SHIP Connector can be connected to existing EEBus devices – this allows the evaluation of own SPINE datagrams and their impact on real EEBUS devices.

If no real EEBUS devices are available, two instances of the SHIP Connector can also be operated together to view both the client and server sides.

The SHIP Connector is available for both Raspberry PI and Ubuntu (amd64).

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