The Power of Connectivity.

The world of Energy

speaks EEBUS.

KEO brings EEBUS to Life.

EEBUS introduces a common language for devices and systems in the world of energy.


To improve the prospects of success for the Internet of Things and to exploit its potential for increasing energy efficiency, almost 70 leading international companies and industry associations have partnered up in the EEBus Initiative e.V. Together, they have created a common global language for devices in which they can exchange information regarding energy and functions.


One language, many advantages.

  • International standard, independent of manufacturer and physical layer technology
  • Open Interface for interoperability between any device and energy systems/platforms
  • Largest cross domain network
  • Can be used to coordinate devices among each other (overload protection)
  • Can be used for interaction with the power grid (solution for flexibility in smart grids)
  • Encrypted Plug & Play communication
  • Full sovereignty over device data and functionality for every company
  • Involved in future building and grid regulations to develop EEBUS standard in accordance with most current legal requirements


Convergence with international standards.

  • CENELEC EN 50631 (Interoperable Connected Household Appliances)
  • ETSI TS 103 410-1 SAREF4ENER (EU Framework SAREF; Smart Appliances REFerence)

The Vision of EEBUS

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