Power Plus Communication AG

Charging of electric cars needs to be coordinated for optimum grid integration. PPC and KEO have developed an interoperable solution for this. The partners have extended the range of functions of PPC’s CLS Gateway to include EEBUS. With this, it is already possible to coordinate charging stations via EEBUS.

EMH Metering

EMH Metering integrates EEBUS into the CLS component of its Smart Meter Gateway to control smart buildings. The EEBUS concept of maximum power limitation at the grid connection point was successfully tested in a proof of concept and demonstrated at the E-World 2020, together with Robotron.


In a joint project, Vivavis and KEO are shaping standardization in the field of e-mobility. At the E-world 2020, both companies presented an implementation for controlling a charging station based on the EEBUS specification. This control box is built by IDS GmbH, one of the leading solution providers for network control and management for the Smart Grid.


One of the pioneers of innovative energy management solutions, Belgian cleantech company Smappee is integrating EEBUS to connect smart devices in buildings and to the grid.


The leading manufacturer of charging solutions for electric vehicles, EV Box, will use EEBUS for communication and KEO for software integration.


At the Metering Days 2019, Theben, KEO and gridX jointly presented the use case “Grid Interaction”. All three companies are members of the EEBUS initiative. The power limitation of the grid operator is transmitted to the local energy management system (EMS). The EMS manages the power of the connected loads, e.g. the electric car accordingly.