KEO Solution Sets

KEO offers software packages for energy relevant devices and systems to implement smart energy management based on the EEBUS standard. Our EEBUS Solution Sets contain all relevant EEBUS Use Cases – tailored to each important domain for each device and system.

For Devices:

For EMS:

The API of our Solution Sets allows you to access EEBUS Use Cases without having to delve into the technical details of SPINE and the EEBUS specifications. The parameters, that are relevant to the Use Case are easily accessible via the interface and can be linked to your process logic. This allows you to deal with the interoperable use cases at a high level, accelerates access to EEBUS, and gives you the freedom to continue focusing on your core business.

On the device level, we offer the following Solution Sets:

The following EEBUS Use Cases are included:
- EV Commissioning and Configuration
- EVSE Commissioning and Configuration
-Coordinated EV Charging
- EV Charging Electricity Measurement
- EV Charging Summary
- Overload Protection by EV Charging Current Curtailment
- Optimization of Self Consumption during EV Charging
- Limitation of Power Consumption
The following EEBUS Use Cases are included:
- Visualization and Configuration of DHW Functions
- Visualization and Configuration of Room Cooling Functions
- Visualization and Configuration of Room Heating Functions
- Visualization and Configuration of DHW Temperature
- Visualization of Outdoor Temperature
- Visualization of Room Temperature
- Configuration of Room Cooling Temperature
- Configuration of Room Heating Temperature
- Visualization of Heating Area Name
- Self Consumption Optimization by DHW Flexibility
- Limitation of Power Consumption
The following EEBUS Use Cases are included:
- Monitoring of Inverter (PV or Battery)
- Monitoring of PV String
- Monitoring of Battery
- Visualization of Aggregated Photovoltaic Data
- Visualization of Aggregated Battery Data
The following EEBUS Use Cases are included:
- Monitoring of Power Consumption
The following EEBUS Use Cases are included:
- Flexible Start

For energy management systems we have a solution set that supports all previously released EEBUS use cases from the perspective of a central manager (client).

The following EEBUS Use Cases are included:
- Set of Client Use Cases based on individual demand

The solution for the Grid Connection Point and related intelligent control units.

The following EEBUS Use Cases are included (integration depending on the role of target component in the overall communication chain):
- Monitoring of Grid Connection Point (Submeter or Smart Meter)
- Monitoring of Power Consumption
- Limitation of Power Consumption

If you are interested in an individual compilation of EEBUS Use Cases,

please contact our support.

KEO Test Platform

Ktest is a universal EEBUS test platform for testing your own EEBUS integration for interoperability and connectivity compliant with the EEBUS standard.

The platform makes the development test scripts possible and takes the role of the EEBUS counterpart device or system. With Ktest, potential errors in your EEBUS integration can be identified and corrected.

In the basic version we offer an environment for programming any test sequences based on the EEBUS specifications.

In addition, a set of test cases in the form of our Golden Device can be added. The compilation of Test Cases is based on the Solution Sets above.