The Power of Connectivity.

EEBUS makes a new power flow.

KEO – Your Partner for all aspects in the world of EEBUS

We are a Cologne-based company specialized in interoperable software solutions for the Internet of Things. KEO brings companies into the age of cross-domain and technology-neutral device connectivity. We offer software and services that cover all important aspects in the world of EEBUS. Our customers are device manufacturers who want to network their devices as well as innovative service providers who are seeking access to the Internet of Things. Companies that want to securely connect their devices to external partner companies can use the ready-made KEO stacks on a license basis. We offer an embedded connectivity framework with multiple APIs based on the EEBUS specifications for various needs, whether it’s RTOS, Linux, Java, or Cloud. By choosing our Use Case API our customers opt for a minimum time-to-market and maximum efficiency and reliability.

Connectivity and the exchange of data are key for tomorrow.

The future will require more than singular innovative devices. More than one or two companies. It will take a new power.

The Power of Connectivity

This power drives the creation of new business models, markets and partnerships. Moreover, it enables a more efficient use of energy and resources.

KEO helps you to release this power. We make your devices really connective – and your company part of the global energy revolution.

No one knows what the future of connectivity will look like. But our EEBUS software solutions help you to get there.

KEO EEBUS Frameworks for your solution from Cloud to RTOS.

KEO Schaubild Frameworks Cloud RTOS

EEBUS is our language and we bring it to you.

We rely on EEBUS as the best foundation for universal applicability. Our experts have pioneered the development of this leading global standard for energy in the Internet of Things.

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